Cumpleaños Runtz

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Disponible en semillas feminizadas
Genetics: Cake & Ice Cream x Runtz
Floración: 9 semanas
Feminized seed packets include 3 or 6 seeds
  • Flowering Time: 9 weeks
  • Genetics: Cake & Ice Cream x Runtz
  • Seed Type: Feminized

Runtz is an elite, sought-after strain that has been receiving a lot of well-deserved hype. Runtz is absolutely covered in frost with some purple and violet hues mixed in. Runtz was created through a cross of the infamous Zkittlez X Gelato strains. Runtz brings on a delicious fruity flavor with tropical citrus and sour berries with a spicy pineapple aftertaste.

Birthday Cake is a bigger yielding, vigorous sister of Wedding Cake with a sweet vanilla cake terpene profile. We decided to use Birthday Cake to cross with Runtz to create a commercial yielding strain without sacrificing quality, terpenes or potency. Birthday Runtz has an amazing terpene profile that is a perfect mix between these two elite parents.

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1 review for Birthday Runtz

  1. Jeff -

    I grew the b-day runtz in my outdoor crop all 6 seeds popped and were all kick ass phenotypes some extreamly cake some extreamly pineapple.. ALL phenotypes were averaging 6 to 8 ft tall long multiple top plants that had 3 ft long 4-6″ diameter dense extreamly resinous frosted buds. Expect 2 to 3 lb plants. Expect super vigorous growth both in veg and flower. THC was 18-21% (very good for outdoor) good mold and mildew resistance we had a very wet year that was hard on all of us large scale medical growers. They cloned excellent some clippings were blowing roots after 9 days. Harvest for this strain was October 22nd in Southern Ontario canada 🇨🇦 no hermaphrodites really stable plants. Give these guys a chance you will thank me later. I would love to run more elev8 strains in the near future. THANKS ELEV8! Too bad you guys didn’t have a nice multi-pack

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