Berry Crusher

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Erhältlich in feminisierten Samen
Rich and fruity with subtle vanilla. Touch of gassy pine
Genetics: Acai Cake x RS11
Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Feminisierte Samenpakete enthalten 6 Samen

Genetics: Acai Cake x RS11

Type: Indica Hybrid

Seed Type: Feminized

Flowering: 8-9 Weeks

Stretch: Large

Yield: Good


Berry Crusher is tall, and has a large stretch, so she can be a big girl. Most phenos have nice tight nodes, and stack very well. Terps are like Sunset Sherbet rolled in a berry candy, with a hint of sour at the end.

Acai Cake smells rich and fruity, just like the Acai berry in the rainforests of South America. It has earthy undertones, with a tropical abundance of juicy berries. As you delve deeper, a subtle hint of vanilla cake emerges, adding an inviting sweetness overall.

RS11 from Doja Pak, also known as Rainbow Sherbet #11, is a potent indica dominant hybrid. It’s packed with super sweet and fruity goodness, with citrus, and a touch of pine with gas. It’s followed by a sweet and spicy aroma that enhances the overall experience. Her blue/green nugs are dense, fluffy, and covered in frost.

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